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How to Use a Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive

Author : Weterm Date : 12/25/2013 8:29:28 PM

How to Use a Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive
Using a USB flash drive to store data enables you to enjoy portable storage of significant size. Because many USB flash drives contain multiple gigabytes of storage space in a flash drive small enough to slide into a pocket or carry on a key chain, you instantly have mobile storage wherever you may need it. Use a Cruzer Micro USB flash drive to transfer and store data for easy access both at home and away from home.


Push the USB connector out of the flash drive by sliding the plastic slider from right to left along the top of the flash drive.

Insert the USB connector into the USB port of your computer. Wait while your computer recognizes the flash drive.

3.Click on the folder containing the contents of the drive when the "AutoPlay" window appears. View any of the contents inside the folder by double-clicking them. Click "Start," open "Computer" and double-click on the removable drive denoting the Cruzer flash drive as a second way to open the contents of the flash drive.

Right-click on any data on your computer and select "Send To" from the options that appear. Select the Cruzer flash drive to transfer the data from your computer to the flash drive. Wait while the transfer completes, viewing the status bar to watch the process.

Right-click on any file on the Cruzer flash drive and select "Delete" to remove it from the flash drive.

Close the flash drive window on your computer when you finish using the flash drive.

Click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray (in the bottom right corner of your desktop). Highlight the Cruzerflash drive and select "Stop." Disconnect the Cruzer flash drive after you see the message indicating you can disconnect it from your computer.

Push the USB connector back inside the flash drive by sliding the plastic slider from left to right along the top of the flash drive.