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How to Unlock the Memorex Thumb Drive

Author : wetwem Date : 1/14/2014 3:15:54 AM
If you have sensitive personal data or important work files stored on a USB device, you may want a way to keep it safe. Your Memorex USB thumb drive has a built-in security feature that can be turned on to prevent unauthorized users from modifying or deleting any saved data. The write protection feature locks the currently saved files and prevents any changes from being made. Unlocking the Memorex thumb drive requires turning off the feature or changing a setting in each individual file through your computer's operating system.
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Unplug the Memorex thumb drive from your computer's USB port if it is currently connected. Locate the external plastic write protection switch on the side of the thumb drive.
Push the plastic switch toward the icon of an open lock if it is currently set to the "locked" position. Plug the thumb drive into one of your computer's available USB ports.
3.Click "Open a folder to view files" in the auto play menu. Open one of the files stored on the Memorex thumb drive and see if you still receive an error message.
Close the file if you still receive the error message. Right-click the file in the thumb drive's window and choose "Properties."
Navigate to the tab named "General." Check to see if the box labeled "Read Only" is currently checked. Click the box to remove the check mark and click "Apply."