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How to Turn a Flash Drive Into a U3 Drive

Author : wetwem Date : 12/16/2013 10:07:08 PM
 How to Turn a Flash Drive Into a U3 Drive
The U3 drive is an application that is installed on many USB flash drives. The U3 Launchpad application enables the user to carry and use a variety of Windows programs on any Windows PC. Converting a flash drive into a U3 Drive can be accomplished by downloading compatible programs to the USB flash drive. The "Download Programs" option from the U3 Software Central application easily allows the user to convert their flash drive into a U3 application drive
Insert your USB flash drive into the USB port located on your computer.
Navigate to the Windows system tray and double-click the U3 icon. This will launch the U3 application in a new window.
Click "Download Programs." Select the programs you wish to download from the U3 Software Central list. Your applications will be downloaded onto the U3 drive.