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How to Set Permissions on a Flash Drive

Author : weterm Date : 3/13/2014 9:44:03 PM
 A flash drive consists of two parts: a memory stick and a USB connector. These devices enable users to store or transfer digital photos, text documents, songs and other types of files used on a computer. Hackers have developed many new viruses, spyware and Trojan horse malware programs, such as the "Autorun.inf" virus, specifically to activate via an infected flash drive. Users on a networked system can also use flash drives to copy data. You can protect your computer from attacks or theft by setting permissions that restrict access to a flash drive.  led light
Set Flash Drive Permissions in Windows XP, Windows 2003, or Earlier Windows OS
Open Windows Explorer by clicking "Start" and then highlighting and clicking "My Computer."
Open the System Root (System32) folder by double-clicking the "C:" drive--your hard drive--double-clicking the "Windows" folder, and then double-clicking "System32."
3.Scroll down until you locate the "Usbstor.pnf" file, then right-click on it. Highlight and click on "Properties."
Open the security settings for the USB drive by clicking the "Security" tab in the top of the "Properties" application window.
Add the names of users in your network or on your computer who you want to deny access to by entering or selecting their user names in the "Group" or "User Names" list.
Deny access to the USB drive for these users. Click the "Permissions" button and then click the "Deny" box next to "Full Control."
Set Flash Drive Permissions in Windows Vista   led light
Open the "Search" program by clicking the Windows icon then highlighting and clicking "Search."
Locate the "Usbstor.pnf" file by entering "Usbstor.pnf" into the search box and then pressing the "Enter" key.
Open the Security settings for the "Usbstor.pnf" file by right-clicking it, then highlighting and selecting "Properties." Click the "Security" tab in the top menu bar.
Select the Group or User Name/s for whom you wish to alter permissions or deny access by clicking on it.
Click the "Edit" button to alter settings for USB drive access. Select the level of access for that group or user by checking or un-checking the boxes next to "Full Control," "Read," "Write" and the remainder of the options. Then click "Apply" to put these settings into effect. Then click "OK" to finish.