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How to Install an Anti-Virus on a USB

Author : weterm Date : 1/14/2014 9:35:33 PM

If you are running out of storage space on the current hard drive but still want to install an antivirus program onto the computer, you may want to install the program onto a USB flash drive. The flash drive acts just as another installed hard drive. While the flash drive is connected to the computer ,you can use the antivirus program. However, it is not possible to simply install the program onto the drive and use the drive on multiple computers. This is because some program elements are placed in the system folder and registry on the computer's hard disk.   led light


Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on your computer. Momentarily a small prompt will appear saying the computer has detected a new removable device.

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Insert the antivirus software installation CD into the disc drive of the computer to launch the installation wizard. If you downloaded the program, double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation wizard.


Read through and accept the license agreement, then click "Browse" when shown the installation location. A search window will appear on the screen. Choose the USB flash drive and click "OK."

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Click "Next" for the installation name and select "Install." The antivirus program now will install onto the USB flash drive.