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How to Get a Game Onto a USB Driver

Author : wetwem Date : 1/14/2014 3:17:11 AM
 When installing a video game you can place the game onto your computer's hard drive. However, if you want to take the computer game with you it is possible to install the game onto a USB flash drive. Placing a game onto the flash drive can be accomplished in two ways. You can either install the game directly to the drive or copy the existing game files to the USB flash drive.
Using the Game's Installation CD
Connect the USB flash drive to your computer. In a moment, the computer is going to state it has detected a new removable device.
Insert the video game installation CD into the computer and wait for the installation wizard to load.
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3.Follow the installation wizard's prompts until you reach the installation location. Select the USB flash drive as the location.
Select a complete installation when asked what kind of installation you prefer. The complete installation copies all of the contents from the disk required to play the game. Any other installation requires you to have the disk on hand in order to play the software.
Using the Already-Installed Game
Connect the USB flash drive to the computer and open "Computer" (or "My Computer"). Double-click the removable drive icon to access the device window. Leave this window open for now.
Return to your "Computer" window and double-click the "C:" drive. Select "Program Files" and find the folder of your video game.
Click-and-drag the video game folder into the USB removable device's folder. Wait for the files to completely copy over. Once the copy has finished, you can eject the flash drive from the computer by closing its window, right-clicking the icon and selecting "eject."