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How to Enable Mass Storage on a Flash Drive for Xbox 360

Author : wetwem Date : 1/14/2014 3:12:54 AM
 The Xbox 360 video game system can read mass storage data such as music and video from USB flash drives. Enabling mass storage on your flash drive is a fairly simple process, although there are some crucial steps that you must be aware of in order to do so properly.
Format your USB flash drive by plugging it in to your home PC and right clicking on the device once it is detected. Select the FAT32 file system option during formatting. This will ready your USB flash drive for use with the Xbox 360 system, which only supports the FAT32 file system.
Once your USB flash drive is formatted, add mass storage media you would like to use with your Xbox 360. According to Microsoft, the Xbox 360 will play music and video of the AVI, MPEG-4, WMV and H.264 file types. Microsoft provides a link to a program that will check your files for compatibility.
3.Safely remove your mass storage flash device from your home PC and plug it into your Xbox 360 USB port. The USB ports are located on the front of the video game console, where you usually plug in the USB game controller cables.
Play mass storage audio from your USB flash drive by selecting "Music" under the "My Xbox" menu on your Xbox 360. All supported music files will be displayed in their respective folders. Click on the song or play list you wish to listen to, and your Xbox 360 will begin playback from your mass storage-enabled device.
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If you want to watch a back-up copy of a DVD from your mass storage device using your Xbox 360, select "Video" from the "My Xbox" menu and select the file you wish to open. Provided the video clip or movie is in the proper format, the Xbox 360 will play the file from your USB flash drive's mass storage.