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How to Boot a VMware Player From a USB Flash Drive

Author : wetwem Date : 1/14/2014 3:09:18 AM
 VMware products are designed to run a virtual machine in different environments. The virtual machine boots up like a normal computer and can run a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux or Unix. Virtual machines can boot from the VMware Server, from the local computer using VMware Workstation or Player or from a USB drive using VMware Player. To boot from a USB drive, the virtual machine must be packaged using the ACE Manager.
Open the Start menu, then click "All Programs." Click the "VMware" folder, then click "ACE Manager."
Click the virtual machine you want to package for a USB drive in the "Virtual Machine" list.
3.Plug a USB flash drive into the computer. Make sure the flash drive has enough storage space for the virtual machine.
Click the "Package VMware Player for a USB Device" option in the "Tools" menu.
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Click the USB device from the "Install to" drop-down menu.
Click the "Package" button to copy the virtual machine to the USB flash drive.
Click "Eject" in the pop-up window when the process is finished. To start the virtual machine from another computer, plug the USB flash drive in and it will start automatically. If it doesn't, open the USB flash drive in "My Computer" and double-click "VMware Player.exe."