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How to Add Attachments to an Email From a Thumb Drive

Author : weterm Date : 3/27/2014 5:16:03 AM
 How to Add Attachments to an Email From a Thumb Drive
Flash drives, commonly called thumb drives, function as external hard drives capable of being ported to computers and other electronic devices such as video game systems. When they are plugged in to a computer, they function just like an internal hard drive. That means that files stored on the flash drive can be attached to e-mails in the same way that internal hard drive's files are attached.
Insert the flash drive's USB plug into the computer's USB port.
Open your e-mail client.
3.Compose a new message. Type in the recipient's name in the "To" box and type in a subject for the e-mail. Click on the attachment box or "Attach a file."  wholesale usb flash drive
Browse to "Computer" in the window that appears and double-click it. Double-click the flash drive folder to open it. The flash drive will have a letter like D or E.
Double-click the file that you want to attach. This will attach it to the e-mail. Double check that the file is really attached to your email, then click "Send."