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How to Access a USB Drive From Slackware

Author : weterm Date : 4/10/2014 9:51:15 PM
 Slackware is not the easiest-to-use Linux around, but it gets points for stability and simplicity. Of the Linux distributions, it is closest to the UNIX roots. While Slackware has evolved with each release, the user needs to go to the command shell more often than he would with most other Linux versions. Accessing a USB thumb drive can be tricky, but the powerful command shell allows you to find and mount the drive
Plug in your USB drive.
Open a command shell and type "dmesg | tail" without the quotes, and press "Enter." From the readout you should find the name Linux gave your USB drive.
3.Type "su -" without the quotes in a command shell and press "Enter." Type in your root password when prompted and press "Enter." This will create your root shell.
Type "mount /dev/sda1" without the quotes, and substituting the name of your USB drive. Press "Enter."
Open your file manager, whether Konqueror, Nautilus or Thunar. Click your way to the / directory, then click to open your /mnt directory. You should find your USB drive there.
Open files from your USB drive, edit them, save them or move them around.
Type "umount /dev/sdb1" to unmount your USB drive, and press "Enter."
Unplug your USB drive.